In Las Vegas, Nevada there is a high incidence of smokers and drinkers, which contribute to increasing the odds of cancer. According to The Daily Mail Science, a website based in England at: eating a western diet for just two weeks can raise colon cancer risks. The dangers of eating a junk-food Western diet for just two weeks have been revealed in a US-African swap. Colon cancer is the second biggest cause of cancer-related deaths of men and women in the U.S., with 136,000 new cases yearly, and 50,000 deaths, according to The American Cancer Society.

On the other extreme, Africa is doing something right diet wise and has a much lower cancer incidence affecting five out of every 100,000 rural South Africans.

Colon cancer is the 4th deadliest form of the disease, killing more than 600,000 people yearly. We at Las Vegas Gastroenterology want to help you put the odds in your favor where colorectal cancer is concerned. With a simple coloractal screening, polyps can be detected and if cancerous can be removed. With a healthy, high fiber diet, you can avoid them entirely.  Pick one of our many GI doctors on LV Gastro

Las Vegas Gastroentology has some of the most skilled gastroenterology doctors in Nevada.  Animal protein and fat intake was two to three times higher in Americans, whereas the carbohydrate and fiber, chiefly in the form of resistant starch, were high in Africans. This was published in the Journal Nature Communications.

Fiber is the main component in African dishes, and many are plant-based. The United States quite often times lack fiber due to the high processing of foods.

The volunteers had colonoscopy examinations before and after the diet swap.

Fiber found in fruit, vegetables and cereals help deter colon cancer. They all help travel waste out of our bodies and through the bowels. Also, some types of fiber helps to carry bile acids that could cause cancer through the bowel more quickly.

Constipation is a result of not eating enough fiber and too much refined foods and the more the cancer causing agents are in contact with the bowel lining it increases colon cancer.

The source of this information is from Cancer Research UK.

Cancer starts in the colon wall and can be reduced by drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily and avoiding the over-processed foods and fast foods. Also, avoiding excess alcoholic beverages and smoking decrease your odds considerably.

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