Las Vegas Gastroenterology provides care for patients infected with viral hepatitis B and C. With comprehensive, in-depth training and years of experience in the field of hepatology, our physicians are able to diagnose, treat and manage patients who have been infected with the potentially deadly disease. Left untreated, viral hepatitis can lead to liver cirrhosis and liver cancer, as well as other complications that can seriously decrease a person’s quality of life.

There have been recent advancements with the antiviral medications for viral hepatitis B and C. In recent years, new medications have been developed to decrease its side effects and increase the chances of sustained response. Las Vegas Gastroenterology works closely with pharmacies and insurances to help get the treatment needed for those infected with the virus. Aside from regular assessments of liver function, we also provide counseling for individuals and their families.

Las Vegas Gastroenterology is a proud collaborator of JuanBFree Hepatitis B Screening Campaign for Filipino communities in the United States.