In this guide we are going to go over 5 natural remedies that will help your colon function properly.  Why is it important for your colon to function properly?  Your colon is last stretch of your large intestines.  Your colon absorbs water, electrolytes, vitamins, while preparing and storing fecal waste prior to elimination.  The colon is one of the most underrated major organs while having a predominant role in toxin and waste removals.  If your bowel movements aren’t regular, that toxin and waste could very well accumulate, which will compromise your health.

To address this we should all regularly cleanse our colon to ensure those nasty toxins and waste are regularly flushed out, while promoting healthy intestinal bacteria.  Not only does colon cleansing promote healthy intestinal bacteria, but a healthy colons means a healthy body, making you more energetic than you normally are.


Water Natural Remedy Colon Cleanse

Water doesn’t get the credit it deserves.  Water controls calories, energizes your muscles, keeps your skin healthy, regulates bodily fluids, improves kidney infection, and believe it or not water is one of the best things to promote a healthy colon.  By drinking 10-12 glasses of water everyday your body will have the liquids it needs to help flush out those harmful toxins, and waste from the body. Additionally, by drinking enough water everyday you stimulate a natural peristaltic action that helps your digestive system.


Yogurt for Better Colon Health

Eating probiotic yogurt on a regular basis introduces good bacteria into the gut promoting better digestion, while combatting inflammatory bowel diseases.  Additionally yogurt contains calcium that marginalizes the growth of cells along the lining of the colon.  After eating yogurt regularly you’ll notice your indigestion will stop flaring up, stops flatulence, and makes your bowel movements regular.

Apple Juice

Apple Juice Colon Health

When it comes to colon cleansing apple juice is one of the best natural remedies there are.  Apple juice helps make your bowel movements regular, breaks down toxins and improves liver function.  Just be sure to start your day with apple juice, and drink water thirty minutes later for a few days, and you’ll notice the benefits almost immediately.

Raw Vegetable Juice

Juicing for a Better Colon

One of the many trends hitting the streets is juicing raw vegetables, which is absolutely essential for colon cleansing.  Unlike processed, and cooked foods that back up your colon, the juice from raw green vegetables contain chlorophyll that helps remove toxins.  Carrots, beets, corn, squash, spinach, and kale contain extremely effective enzymes that promote a healthy colon.

High Fiber Food

Broccoli Colon Cleanse

High-fiber food cleanses your colon and help remove harmful toxins.  Fiber keeps your stools soft, promoting healthy bowel movements, expelling waste products in a much more efficient manner. Broccoli, cereals, multivitamins, beans, and other foods are high in fiber.

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